Sites for Outreach Operations

  1. Bundung  General Hospital for Gynaecology Surgeries

  2. Serekunda General Hospital for general Surgery and Pediatric Surgery

  3. Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital for Orthopaedic and Urology Surgeries

  4. Sheikh Sayed Eye Centre for Ophthalmologic and  ENT and Maxillo-Facial Surgeries

  5. Bafrow Medical Centre for Fistula Surgeries


Surgeons will be accommodated at the Paradise Suites Hotel (reservations have been made for 20 rooms)

Members of the Outreach Committee


Email Mobile
Dr. Mustapha Bittaye (Coordinator) bittaye@yahoo.com +2203113512
Dr. Alagie Manneh   +2203113567
Dr. kebba Marenah   +44 7931 718097
Dr. Awa Sanyang   +2207788987
Dr. Lobga Babila Galega   +2207972211
Dr. Awa Jah   +2207737426
Dr. Baboucarr Sowe   +2207131819
Dr. Anna Njie   +2207925232